Anchor Me Bracelet in the Standard Times Newspaper

On the heels of our Boston Globe article our regional news paper contacted us for an interview.  We were happy that LCG Boutique, our first retailer, got some press coverage as well.  You can read the summary below, there is a link to the full article at the bottom, and please disregard the typo in the article that references Anchor Me Bracelet’s founder, Tim Keogh, as Katie Goodine’s boyfriend 😉

Anchor Me Bracelet

“Anchor Me” Bracelet

Bracelets are anchor for Mattapoisett designer

MATTAPOISETT — When Katie Goodine’s daughter goes off to the first grade, she wears the same purple anchor bracelet as her mom.

“Every time she was nervous or missing me, she could look down and see the bracelet so we were always together,” said Goodine, a Lakeville shopowner who carries Anchor Me Bracelets made by Teah Mazzoni of Mattapoisett.

For Goodine’s shop, LCG Boutique, the bracelets are the single best-selling product. “I try to sell the latest and hottest trending fashions, and I’m focusing a lot on locally made,” she said.  “My motto is shop local, shop small, shop happy.”

For Mazzoni, 33, Anchor Me Bracelet started not as a business venture but as an expression of affection for the “anchors” in her life. She recalled presenting bracelets to two of her best friends.  “We all tied them on each other. I tied one on Jess, she tied one on Nik, and Nik tied hers on me.”

You can read the whole Standard Times article HERE.

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