Getting Anchored at The Boston Gift Show…

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Anchor Me Bracelet made another mooring at the Boston Gift Show last weekend, March 23-26. Over forty retailers from Maine to Rhode Island stopped into the AMB booth to set about anchoring their customers. You can see the list on the Retail Stores page of our website. Everyone simply loved the idea of ‘anchoring’. Finding just the right bracelet to send the message to your loved ones that you will be there in good times and in bad to support and provide stability to this unstable world of ours…be that special  anchor to your loved one.

Of course another hook at the Boston Show was the Catch Me! Knowing that you can let that loved one know they are caught by tying on a Catch Me Bracelet with the hook towards your heart to tell the world you are no longer fishing. Conversely, tying the hook away from the heart lets those you might have an interest in knowing better understand that you are still fishing for that certain someone.

The Oversized Anchor Me and Oversized Catch Me in brown and black leather made a statement at the show also! This statement piece; larger, unisex, and packaged in muslin with a sentiment card made the perfect splash for those interested in nautical jewelry.

AMB is proud to send out the message to relationships between men and women, parents and children, girlfriends and boyfriends everywhere! Who’s your anchor? Feel free to use this blog space to let us know!


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