Inspire Me Launches May 31! How do you inspire others?

The Inspire Me Bracelet’s life preserver symbolizes that there is always someone who will help you keep afloat. Everyone needs a gentle, comforting reminder that you will never drift away…together you can weather any storm. The lifeline serves as inspiration to pay it forward and inspire someone else to kindness. Always remember who inspires you and whom you inspire!-2

Saturday, May 17 was a special day for Anchor Me Bracelet…our team and models met at Gifts to Give in New Bedford, MA to spend some time paying it forward. With the launch of our new Inspire Me bracelet on May 31, we were inspired to take a few hours and donate our time to cleaning and sorting donations at the Gifts to Give Mill.

For each new bracelet, I selected my most beloved friends and family to pose as models. My mom, Jess Whittaker (my original anchor). Kate Houdelette, Sharon Cruz, Karen Medeiros, Jeff Costa and some of their children and Joyce’s Granddaughter, Aoife donated their Saturday afternoon to work for Gifts to Give and have their pictures taken to help promote our new bracelet.

Melissa Sepulveda of Mojaphoto Photography and Debbie Cohen of Deb Cohen Designs were on site to provide the photography and direction for the shoot and image of our new bracelet. Their work continues to be exceptional and I am so blessed to be able to have these memories captured forever.

I truly believe that our company is where it is because of support and love of my family and friends. People I have never met have embraced our little company and have aided in its growth. The Inspire Me bracelet is one of my most favorite classic designs. The meaning behind it reminds me that I didn’t do any of this alone and every day it is important to pay it forward and inspire others to be kind. Always…

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