Wednesday, August 13th, the day that Instagram BLEW UP for AMB!

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.33.48 AMTeah’s favorite blogger, one that she has followed for quite a while, paleomg, posted on Instagram a photo of the assortment of bracelets we had sent her. It was funny to see Teah jump up and down that paleomg had liked them… but what happened later was absolutely ‘giddy-fying’!

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 7.56.41 AM

‘Giddy-fying’ is the term we use in the office when things are going so well that it is difficult to believe….and that was just the beginning! It started with a notification from Instagram of a new follower, then a like, then another follower and another like…then a text from Teah…”Instagram is BLOWING UP!” And indeed it did! From about 4:00 until midnight! Our phones were on FIRE! Likes and followers! We actually went from 200 followers to about 1,000 in a night!

I checked my email to find mail from new buyers interested and asking questions about ordering. Not only retail but wholesale orders as well from as far away as New Zealand! People interested in retail were emailing from Australia, Norway, and Canada inquiring how they could purchase one of our bracelets! They were inspired by the meaning and the simplicity of them…and simply “had to have one”!

Well, subsequently, I had to check out our commerce section of the website, which I had cleared of orders late that afternoon. Typically we get about 10 per day…but on this check in one hour we had 12! I went to dinner and the ride that took 30 minutes …netted another 12…and by the time I got home from dinner…we were at thirty! By morning, you guessed it…38 new orders!

“Giddy-fying’!!!” The only term that could possibly describe the night we had…Thank you paleomg! We are thrilled that you like our bracelets and we will forever follow your blog … Wednesday, August 13th, a night for the AMB Instagram history books!

Thanks paleomg, followers, and AMB for a great night!

Joyce ( still giddy-fied )

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