So Incredibly Lucky…

"Lucky Me"

“Lucky Me”

Sometimes, well, most times, the best ideas come from the purest and truest places in your heart and mind.  This is true for AMB’s new Lucky Me bracelet. I had been bouncing the idea for a new bracelet around in my mind for a while; ever since I found out we were going to move to Denver. Anchor Me (like it’s name) was supposed to be a nautical company, but my ideas were bigger than that.

nxJQX9e0f6UhvCNFH1Q08l6KwmGKakAw5aeGgyFfw0A,QxwH91zeRg780E5CmUiNOqbSb-GWhMBUpa7tD_q37Ps,Th7pavHz7wn3NJaGU8nZjF4SPdjsxZK0BP6WjNs3H-g,YGeTL31PHKaox4jEnvJbt69OL_okY5a4o56CVTQMgSk,0eSyr_e_AGTHTBZ4MXjwapWpwmrzrkU1ZnhI8XfltUwWhen one of my oldest friends was turning 40, she sent the invite for her party over. She was having a good ol’ fashioned hoedown with barbeque, haystacks, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots. I thought about our friendship and thought how lucky I was to have her in my life, still, after all these years. A horseshoe would fit in perfectly…Lucky Me. We made a special card for the bracelets and gave them for her party favors!

Once I had them in production, it made sense for me to put them out to the world, but not right away. I had to feel lucky again. That day came right around Thanksgiving. I was sad and a little nervous about not going back to Massachusetts for the holiday…the first time in 34 years that I wouldn’t’ be with my family. Our dear friends from Florida ended up flying out for the week and our holiday was relaxing and fun and delicious. As the day drew to a close, I was overwhelmed with how lucky I was to have these people in my life. I reflected on the people I’ve met here in Denver, the life Tim and I are making and how happy I was. Lucky me!!!

Enjoy our newest bracelet and carry your own luck with you always!


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