Men’s Geared Anchor Me

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Oversized “Catch Me” Bracelet

What does “Men’s Geared” actually mean? Good question because I made it up!

In truth, all of our products are unisex and are designed and sized to fit men and women, but just by the nature of jewelry, some are just more geared toward women. Our first non-tie on piece was the Oversized Anchor Me, followed by the Oversized Catch Me and Inspire Me. I had originally done these simply as a larger option for women who wanted more of a statement or men who thought our tie on bracelets were just too petite.



“Promise Me” Leather Slider

Our oversized collection did well, but I didn’t love the chain hanging off the bracelet for the male group, so I kept going! Next came the Promise Me, which was designed specifically to be worn by men and women. I wanted men to have a masculine piece that they were proud to wear, but could also wear it with whoever they made their promise to. The leather slider was a big project to take on. I love the simplicity of the bracelet and that it has no clasp! The first one I made was given to my first anchor’s husband and he wears it almost daily!



Anchor Me Band Cuff


Anchor Me Tag Necklace

It was only natural that the more masculine pieces continue. Our Anchor Me Band Cuff and Tag Necklace were designed to stay in that Men’s Geared collection, but still a fun, beautiful statement piece for women to wear alone or stack up!


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