AMB Fusion and Flow Scarves

Y’all know the story about how Anchor Me started and it is no secret that I didn’t start this process with the end goal of being a jewelry designer and a business owner, but … I am, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this incredible journey. You know what they say, entrepreneurship is just a series of happy accidents, and boy, oh boy, am I happy!

Once I accepted, that, “Hey, I’m good at this,” I started reaching a little bit higher. I had this crazy idea that I could design clothes…or at least start with a scarf! I didn’t want to do just an infinity scarf and I wanted to make sure this was THE scarf that I would want to wear every single day!

I will say that the process was not easy. I don’t know how to sew; I know nothing about fabrics. I just know what I like and I know how to sketch what I want. We went through endless prototypes, using different measurements, different fabrics, different threads, had almost complete strangers wear them and give me critiques…each one got us a little bit closer. The fashion industry is tricky, not everyone is super excited to help you out with leads and contacts the way the jewelry industry does. Finally, the Denver Design Incubator lead me to the person who would help make my visions come true.

Here is the really cool thing about our scarves, the fabric and sewing is 100% MADE IN THE USA and I am able to hand pick the jersey knit I am in love with, make my scarves, and I have no extra fabric made specially for me…a little bit of up-cycling!

I am so proud and excited to introduce the Anchor Me Scarf. The best thing about this scarf is that it is hand sewn in Denver, CO with sustainable materials.

How incredibly cool is that?!?!?!?!


Teah xoxoflowblackoatmeal


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