Have you been caught or are you still fishing? Share Your Story Contest…

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Send us your story and win a free purple Catch Me…

The “Catch Me” line from Anchor Me Bracelet is an opportunity to showcase the love in your life. Wear the hook open toward your heart if you have been caught by that special someone. Wear the hook facing outward to celebrate that your heart is still open to finding new love.

We are interested in your stories of being ‘caught’ or stories of being out there ‘fishing’! Share your story with us via email to joyce@anchormebracelet.com from May 12th until May 27th to be eligible to catch hold of a free Purple Catch Me! We here at Anchor Me Bracelet will randomly choose 10 winners and post your stories, then contact you about where to send your Catch Me…so feel free to email us with your story and be sure to check back to read posts from our CMB winners!

What a nice story, Judy! Thanks for sharing…

Hello. My name is Judy Borges and I have the best “caught ” story! I had gone through a divorce. Not a bad divorce, but no divorce is good. I was in my 30’s with 3 children wondering who would ever want all that! So, I was out with a group of girlfriends one night, where 3 gentlemen were also. Two were trying very hard to get our attention. One was not. We all got to talking. The “not trying hard” man had some great dry humor which I enjoy immensely. I will take someone who can make me laugh any day over someone too polished! So we ended up moving on to our final destination of the night. It wasn’t quite what we had hope so I said let’s call our new friends. Prior to leaving them, the “not trying hard”one gave me his business card, which had the patriots game schedule on it, and said “so you have the game schedule” Smooth…so we called them and they joined us. I don’t know if it was just the great humor or that plus the dreamy blue eyes, but I felt my breath catch when he walked in. As the night wore on, the place got very busy. Other ” gentlemen” were attempting to woo me. At one point I became a bit overwhelmed. I took my new friends hand and said “can you pretend to be my husband?” He looked at me so intensely with his beautiful eyes and twinkling smile and said yes. He took my hand and I felt an instant electricity. Like nothing I have ever experienced. To this day, ten years later, when he holds my hand I feel that same rush with he same intensity as I did the first night. No matter what obstacle I face or what losses I have experienced, when he takes my hand a calmness comes over me and I know all will be alright.


Another wonderful story about AMB anchors….Thank you for sharing!

Hi Teah,
I have to share a little story with you. About a year ago you gave me a green anchor bracelet for Christmas w/ a little note attached to it explaining what the anchor represented. Well I thought the words would be very encouraging and helpful to someone some day so I held on to it. Well low and behold it was just the perfect thing to give to my husband seeing as though he was just recently diagnosed with skin cancer (melanoma-the most aggressive type) He had just had surgery and was feeling a little blue so I gave him the anchor bracelet to try to cheer him up! Well the words and the anchor bracelet where so touching to him ,he just broke down into tears! I just told him he was MY ANCHOR and that we would get over this hurdle with a positive attitude! This is why I had asked for a new leather one. With prayers and great doctors he is going to be fine. Its just nice to know that every time he is having a bad day, he can look at it and always remember that I have his back and that he has mine! Thanks again for everything!

Thanks for sharing! What a nice way to share your story!!!

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Awwww…what a great way to meet! A true ‘fishing story’!

I have a story about being caught.Believe it or not!  I met my wife while I was fishing one summer. We were waiting for a bite and low and behold we caught each other. We have been together ever since and I would love to get her one of your Catch Me Bracelets to let her know she is the best catch out there! I love her!

Sam the Fisherman No More

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