Mother’s Day is for Anchors

On May 31, Anchor me will be 4 years old. Sometimes I can’t even believe it. May doesn’t remind me of Anchor Me’s anniversary though; it reminds me of Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 14 and as always, Anchor Me makes the perfect gift.

Our original Anchor Me bracelet (now adjustable) is a simple, classic reminder that your mother or grandmother is your anchor, the person who picks you up when you fall down, both physically and emotionally and is the first person in line to celebrate the best days of your life!

These affordable bracelets are also the perfect addition to a card for a best friend who is a mom who lives far away! They easily fit into a card and are the cutest little burst of love when that mom opens her card.

Love Me, Inspire Me, Remember Me, You & Me, and numerous other bracelets also make the perfect gift for any mom in your life!

And for Dads…these little bracelets are the perfect gift for you to shop for your little one so they too have something to give mom on Sunday!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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