Always Improving…

I have always been a learner. I like school, I like asking questions, and I like improving. It comes as no surprise then that I feel exactly the same way about Anchor Me. There is always ways to improve. We’ve changed our packaging and logo, we’ve changed the way we make and produce charms, we’ve […]

Mother’s Day is for Anchors

On May 31, Anchor me will be 4 years old. Sometimes I can’t even believe it. May doesn’t remind me of Anchor Me’s anniversary though; it reminds me of Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 14 and as always, Anchor Me makes the perfect gift. Our original Anchor Me bracelet (now adjustable) […]

About the Owner

A Little about the Owner I didn’t write this, a dear friend and business partner did…frankly, it makes me smile! To know Teah is to understand that she leads with her big heart and her business savvy. A dog-saving, warm, can-do artist, Teah started her first company, Anchor Me, while teaching second grade. Anchor Me […]


We Are Adjustable!

HI there! Remember me? It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Here I am, back at the blogging game to keep you all updated on what is new and exciting with Anchor Me. Any guesses? No? WE ARE ADJUSTABLE! As of January 1, 2017, every single Anchor Me bracelet is 100% adjustable. Our Enlighten Me series has […]

AMB Fusion and Flow Scarves

Y’all know the story about how Anchor Me started and it is no secret that I didn’t start this process with the end goal of being a jewelry designer and a business owner, but … I am, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this incredible journey. You know what they say, entrepreneurship is just […]

Men’s Geared Anchor Me

What does “Men’s Geared” actually mean? Good question because I made it up! In truth, all of our products are unisex and are designed and sized to fit men and women, but just by the nature of jewelry, some are just more geared toward women. Our first non-tie on piece was the Oversized Anchor Me, […]

"Lucky Me"

So Incredibly Lucky…

Sometimes, well, most times, the best ideas come from the purest and truest places in your heart and mind.  This is true for AMB’s new Lucky Me bracelet. I had been bouncing the idea for a new bracelet around in my mind for a while; ever since I found out we were going to move […]

What Will Promise Me Look Like?

This is the question I asked myself over and over again when I was designing Promise Me. I knew I wanted to design an all leather bracelet and I knew that “promise me” was a great name for a bracelet of bound leather. I also knew that whatever I created, I wanted cast in metal.  Some kind of […]

Wednesday, August 13th, the day that Instagram BLEW UP for AMB!

Teah’s favorite blogger, one that she has followed for quite a while, paleomg, posted on Instagram a photo of the assortment of bracelets we had sent her. It was funny to see Teah jump up and down that paleomg had liked them… but what happened later was absolutely ‘giddy-fying’! ‘Giddy-fying’ is the term we use […]

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